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New, Free Data Pack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Updates Roster, Adds 11v11


Though only two months old, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 has already received its second batch of downloadable content. And publisher Konami, those savvy sons of guns, has kept the content free.

Data Pack 2 brings a raft of digitized players to PES and updated the game's roster with a staggering 800 faces. Player animations and facial expressions were absent from the game's engine until now, which put PES well behind the competition. The new face-lifts get the game up to speed and are a serious boon for the title's realism—particularly so for Manchester United's Da Silva twins, Real Madrid's Isco, Boca Juniors' Riquelme, and Jack Wilshere, who are all featured by Konami.

New kits from Adidas, Nike, Mizuno and Puma are packed in as well, adding new gear to the game's player customization. Beyond that, DP2 offers standard nuts and bolts improvements—a chat update there, a gameplay tweak here)—though the cherry on top is the addition of an 11 versus 11 gameplay mode. This has expanded PES match-ups immensely, and is the perfect way to put the game's new players to work. Here's hoping for a speedy (and free, maybe, guys?) Data Pack 3.