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What the Crazy Vikings-Ravens Finish Would Look Like as a Poker Hand

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.58.39 AM Twitter :: @BillEBowen

After the Ravens defeated the Vikings in a crazy final 90 seconds on Sunday, various win probability charts began making the rounds. None, however, were more creative than the one created by computer engineer and Ravens fan Bill Bowen.

"As a student of poker, I recognized those percentages as basically one ridiculously bad beat after another," Bowen told Extra Mustard. "So I ran some ideas for hands and hold'em boards through a poker odds calculator until I found the one I settled on, made the graphic, and tweeted it."

With an 89% chance to win with 1:27 remaining, the Vikings lost on even better odds than pre-flop with those pocket rockets.


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