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Matt Bonner Does Impersonation of Andy Kaufman's 'Mighty Mouse' Skit, is Amazing

In case you were in the market for a new favorite NBA player, might I recommend a certain red-haired three-point specialist currently playing for the Spurs?

This video (which emerged somewhat inexplicably on a Youtube account that hasn't posted any other videos in a year) shows Matt Bonner doing his best Andy Kaufman impression -- down to the clothes he's wearing -- and, by all accounts, it's pretty good.

For comparison's sake, here's Andy Kaufman's original skit which aired during the first season of Saturday Night Live:

And just for fun, here's Jim Carey's rendition from Man On The Moon:

[The Big Lead]

UPDATE: To provide a little more context, this performance took place for charity at the Spurs' 23rd annual "Tux N' Tennies' charity gala.
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