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Here's the Obligatory Broncos Fan Super Bowl Meltdown You Knew Was Coming

Caution: Some not safe for work/life language used above

Here we have the obligatory video of an in-game meltdown by a Broncos fan during the Super Bowl that you knew was coming, yet somehow, doesn't disappoint.

As consumers of internet, we get the pleasure of seeing a variety of sports meltdowns, especially during playoff time. In recent months this Knicks fan and this Packers fan filled us all with just a little bit of delight with their outlandish displays of what can only be described as immense sadness and disbelief.

But I have to hand it to this particular inebriated Broncos fan for just going all over the map -- from furious, to sarcastic, to kind of sexist, to calm, to beyond sad, to sarcastic again. It's a complete emotional collapse for the ages.

And thus I feel obliged to salute you, overly invested Broncos fan. Just be happy you don't root for the Browns.

Slow Clap (Citizen Kane)

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