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DMX to Fight George Zimmerman in Boxing Match

Ali/Frazier, Ward/Gatti, DMX/Zimmerman.

Indeed, it has been announced that DMX and George Zimmerman will face-off in the ring in a boxing match.

This is real life.

The infamous neighborhood watchman had been looking for an opponent for the match that will reportedly take place in March, and Damon Feldman, the fight's promoter, told CNN he received over 15,000 emails from people hoping to fight Zimmerman before deciding on the Ruff Ryder All-Star.

Zimmerman says he has previously studied the sweet science and recently got back into boxing as a way to lose weight. Meanwhile, DMX told TMZ that he plans to "beat the living sh*t" out of Zimmerman. The exact date, time, and location of the three-round fight will be announced at a news conference next Wednesday.

Someday we'll have to explain all of this to our grandchildren.