Extra Mustard

The Island Where Olympic Curling Stones Are Mined is for Sale (and Just Got Cheaper)


Owning an island is a critical step to becoming a super villain, the CEO of Oracle, or both. But why buy just any conventional island when you could own an island that produces most of the curling stones for the Olympics?

Since May 2011, Scotland's Ailsa Craig has been on the market. Originally listed for more than $4 million, the price was just lowered to $2.4 million, which you might call a … rock … bottom … price.

There were reports late last year a buyer had been secured, but Farhad Vladi, a spokesman for the property agency responsible for the sale, recently told Inside the Games that the island was still available. Along with the quarry responsible for curling stones, the island is home to one of the largest gannet colonies in the world. You could not only monopolize the curling market, but also have more than 60,000 birds as your docile villainy mascots.