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Italian Soccer Club Denies That 17-Year-Old Player is Actually 41


Società Sportiva Lazio, an Italian soccer club, had to officially release a statement that their 17-year-old player Joseph Minala is NOT, in fact, 41-years-old:

“I have read the alleged statements posted on the website senego.net in which it says I confessed my real age which was different to what was stated in my [official] documents."

“They are false statements that have been attributed to me by people who do not know.”

Lazio has since threatened legal action against the offending website, and Italian journalist Max Evangelista has defended Minala from critics, saying the player has been more quickly aged by a tough life.

And while it sounds impossible to mistake a 17-year-old for a 41-year-old, it is striking how I can imagine him being either age:


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