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Notes from NBA All-Star Weekend: Dwyane Wade Listens to Miley and Katy Perry

The NBA All-Star Weekend is underway in New Orleans and the 24 players from both squads met with the media earlier today. Throughout this weekend I'll be updating random quirky stories I see/hear here.

1. During his meeting with the press, Dwyane Wade revealed that he's been listening to Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. When asked (by another media) why, Wade responded, "Well, I am more open to new things now. When I was younger I dismissed pop music and only listened to Biggie and Nas. Now I'm open to it. I like Miley and Katy."

photo 5

2. Poor Chris Bosh got placed next to LeBron, got no attention as a result.

This is a panoramic shot of Bosh's booth next to LeBron's booth 5 minutes before the players took the stage table. There's barely anyone standing by for Bosh, while LeBron's table is full. Later, LeBron's crowd doubled as Bosh's crowd remained the same.

photo 1 Bosh's table (left), LeBron's table (middle), Steph Curry's table (far right)

3: Marco Belinelli really, really looks like a young Sylvester Stallone.

It is freaking uncanny.

photo 1 stallone

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