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NBC staffed its own secret Starbucks in Sochi for the Olympics

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According to a piece published in the Wall Street Journal Friday, NBC has its own secret Starbucks in Sochi.

(You know, because surviving for a few weeks without overpriced coffee is just not acceptable.)

The whole operation is pretty elaborate:

NBC flies in a rotating crew of some 15 baristas from Starbucks coffee shops in Russia, sets them up with accommodations in Sochi, and pays their regular wages. As with past Games, Starbucks has gladly cooperated with the effort.

All told, the barista battalion is larger than the Sochi Olympic teams of some 57 countries.

To avoid violating the rule prohibiting companies that are not official Olympic sponsors from selling products at Olympic venues, the Starbucks is not open to the public. To which I'm sure all the java fiends in Sochi reduced to buying McDonald's coffee are saying, "Thanks a latte, NBC."

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