Extra Mustard

Kroll Show's "Pawnsylvania" Characters Beautifully Capture Pittsburgh-Philly Rivalry

On last night's Kroll Show, the show's Pennsylvania-rich writing staff took a turn with the rivalry between Pennsylvania's major sports cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The "Pawnsylvania" sketch features Kroll as Murph, proprietor of Murph's South Street Pawn Shop, bantering with his cousin Don, owner of Don's Pawn Shop in the 'Berg.

Murph's coveted item? A 1995 Darren Daulton Philadelphia Magazine cover, "the one were Daulton gets mustard on his face," somehow valued at $400. Murph could get the unsigned version on eBay for $8.46, but, like Ryan Howard, someone/something is worth as much someone is willing to pay for it.

[700 Level]