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Canadian Women's Team Goalie Practices with Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers traded for goaltender Viktor Fasth yesterday after trading away back-up Ilya Bryzgalov, leaving them with just one goalie until Fasth could make his way from Anaheim. Hockey has a long and proud tradition of locals with goalie pads sitting on NHL benches for a game or just a few minutes as the "emergency back-up." So when the Oilers needed one last night for their game against Ottawa, fans called on the team to bring in local hero and Canadian Women's Hockey Team goalie Shannon Szabados.

Ultimately, it didn't happen. The Oilers passed on the stunt for the safer choice of a local college goalie. But they honored the spirit of the fan's requests today by bringing Szavados in for practice with the team, Fasth still being on his way:

It's no Manon Rhéaume, but NHL goalie and NFL kicker still seem like the most likely positions to break the gender barrier one day.