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New Flaming LA KISS Helmet: Best or Worst of All-Time?

(Getty Images) (Getty Images)

The LA KISS, Arena Football team owned by the titular rock band, have a new amazing/terrible helmet to show off:

[tweet https://twitter.com/LAKISS_AFL/statuses/443082010869764097]

Yes, it has a flame-tinted visor:

[tweet https://twitter.com/PaulStanleyLive/statuses/443094553831022592]

Personally, I think KISS missed a huge opportunity to do custom silver-and-black patterned "face paint" designs on each visor. But anything is better than the tentative helmet they debuted with, held here by Gene Simmons' daughter, Sophie:

LA KISS Unveil KISSMAS Campaign With Children's Hospital Of Orange County (Getty Images)
[Down and Distance]

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