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Greg Gumbel fumbles halftime interview with Archie Miller

CBS host Greg Gumbel had a bit of a snafu Sunday while talking with Dayton Flyers head coach Archie Miller during a halftime interview.

Archie's brother, Sean Miller, is the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats. The two share a resemblance -- I think that has something to do with genetics, but I'm no scientist -- and Gumbel confused the brothers during the segment, referring to Archie as "Sean" and then trying to correct himself by asking the confused Dayton coach about "your brother Archie." Yeah, it was as awkward as it sounds:

If both the Flyers and the Wildcats are still alive in the tournament when April 1 rolls around, I think the Miller brothers should consider playing some switcheroo prank on Gumbel. Greg, I'd suggest familiarizing yourself with The Parent Trap before then.

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