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Roddy White reneges on Twitter bet with fan over Duke-Mercer game

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White earned a bit of attention last week for a bet he made over Twitter regarding the outcome of the Duke-Mercer game in the NCAA tournament. White said he thought the Blue Devils would go all the way, but a fan named Dylan Hoyt disagreed:

White, confident in the Blue Devils, promised Hoyt season tickets if Bears pulled off the upset:

Of course, the Bears then beat the Blue Devils, prompting White to start backtracking:

White was widely chastised for reneging, to which he responded with the lamest excuse ever:

Hoyt, however, was a good sport, saying he was fine with White's decision because he (Hoyt) didn't want to be a distraction to the Falcons (you know, because we're in the midst of football season right now and the Falcons really can't afford to lose this week):

The lesson here, as always, is to never make a bet unless the terms are written in blood. Can someone get on making a BloodWager app? Actually, scratch that, don't steal my idea.
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