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Carlos Gonzalez Leaves Game after Swallowing his Dip


Carlos Gonzalez left the Rockies' Wednesday night game against the Miami Marlins early due to dizziness. The cause of that dizziness? He accidentally swallowed his chewing tobacco.

Colorado manager Walt Weiss told reporters after the game that Gonzalez would return to the lineup the next day after experiencing some discomfort.

"I talked to him last night after the game and he assured me he was fine and was going to be all right, so it's a nice name to write in a lineup," Weiss said. "He might've swallowed some dip or something. He landed hard, knocked the wind out of himself, swallowed some dip, dehydration, all those things were factors."

So if you needed a millionth reason not to dip, there it is.

[Big League Stew]

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