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The Most Popular Athletes In Each State

(via BestTickets.com) (via BestTickets.com)

A new map from BestTickets.com shows the most popular athletes in each state, based on how often their name is searched for on Google, and as you would imagine, LeBron James is very popular.

But the some of the maps real shockers come in West Virginia, where former Mountaineers QB Geno Smith is still the Google king, and Hawaii, where native son Manti Te'o leads the pack, although that could just be friends and neighbors double checking to make sure he is in fact a real person (zing!).

The map also highlights that while the NFL rules the roost when it comes to sports in the U.S., the NBA still produces the most recognizable and marketable names.

[BestTickets.com, via SportsGrid]

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