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BMX Rider Danny MacAskill Went To A Ghost Town In Argentina For His Newest Video

(Screengrab via epecuen.redbull.com) (Screengrab via epecuen.redbull.com)

Danny MacAskill is one of the world's top trials cyclists, a sport that requires riders to navigate obstacle courses without ever setting their feet on the ground. Red Bull decided to send him to the Argentinian city of Villa Epecuen, which was abandoned almost 30 years ago due to flooding, and the results are amazing.

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The ten-minute video is filled with otherwordly imagery and insane tricks from MacAskill, who bunny-hops rows of roof tops and rides up and over fallen trees.

(via SBNation.com)

Ten-minutes is like three hours in internet video time, but this is must-see footage, and it's a good gateway into MacAskill's other forays into unlikely places, like 2011's 'Industrial Revolutions.'

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