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POLL: Who's Crazier -- World Cup Fans or Oakland Raiders Fans?

Much has been made of the, well, enthusiasm of some of the fans in attendance at the World Cup. In fact over the weekend we had a post that showed a series of fans in attendance at games that could also star in horror movies. But while some of these passionate spectators are indeed intimidating, I was interested in seeing how they stack up with, what is by my estimation, the most terrifying fan base in North America: The Raider Nation.

Watch Fans Around the Country Go Wild During the United States’ Win Over Ghana

I'll let you be the judge. Below I've compiled a few photos of World Cup and Raiders fans side by side. In the name of social science, which fans seem crazier to you? Vote at the bottom of the post.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.47.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.57.31 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.50.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.48.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.00.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.01.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.02.54 PM

So who do you got?

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