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Brian Hoyer draws inspiration from King James gospel

Photo: Mark Duncan/AP

Browns QB Brian Hoyer appreciated LeBron James' description of Cleveland as a hard-working city.

LeBron James has brought plenty of excitement and enthusiasm back to the city of Cleveland after announcing he will return to the Cavaliers on Friday.

That excitement has already spread into Cleveland's other professional sports teams.

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer, who is competing for the team's starting job with LeBron's pal Johnny Manziel, sent out a message on Twitter Saturday morning with his favorite quote that came from the SI exclusive.

It looks like Hoyer isn't afraid to hide that chip on his shoulder. 

Manziel may have been a first-round pick, but he will have to work hard if he wants to unseat Hoyer as the Browns starter. The six-year NFL veteran doesn't seem willing to go down without a fight.

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