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Johnny Manziel hits stunt driver going 25 mph in the face with a football

Photo: Screenshot via Youtube

Browns QB Johnny Manziel was filming a commercial for a Cleveland area auto dealer when his arm proved to be dangerously accurate.

TMZ spoke with the owner of the dealership, who said that during filming, Manziel threaded a perfect 40-yard pass through the car's window while it was traveling about 25 MPH. Car dealer Bernie Moreno explained the pass may have been too perfect.

"Manziel made a perfect throw into the car. Everybody celebrated except the driver who got out the car with a huge welt on his face."

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Moreno added that Manziel was humble and professional during his time on set.

Get ready for lots of "Johnny Football Attacks Helpless Driver" headlines anyway.

[TMZ Sports]

-Brendan Maloy

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