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Nationals' Rendon doesn't watch baseball: 'It’s too long and boring'

Nationals' Rendon doesn't watch baseball: 'It’s too long and boring' Photo:

Nationals infielder Anthony Rendon is only 24 years old, but his post retirement plans may already be taking shape. After Rendon's recent comments in The Washington Post, it's pretty clear he won't be joining the broadcast booth when his playing days are over. 

“I don’t watch baseball — it’s too long and boring,” he told the Post, noting that he didn't mind staying home for the break because he didn't watch the All-Star Game as a kid.

It's always interesting to see professional athletes who aren't obsessive consumers of the game they play, but the Post makes sure to note that Rendon "doesn’t play the game like it bores him". 

It turns out Rendon, who went to prestigious Rice University, prefers a little more mental stimulation during his time off. He told the Post he prefers to watch the History Channel instead. Or maybe he just loves Pawn Stars.

- Dan Gartland

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