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The International Space Station will receive the SEC Network

The International Space Station will receive the SEC Network Photo:

Astronaut Barry Wilmore has made lots of sacrifices to realize his dream of going into outer space, but missing out on SEC football is not one of them, as the spaceman has arranged for the International Space Station to receive the SEC Network.

Wilmore and two cosmonauts will head to the ISS on Sept. 25th and return to Earth in March of the following year, according to The Tennessean's Mike Organ.

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The Tennessee Tech grad said he has plans to watch more than just football while in orbit.

"I look forward to sticking my nose in the window for at least two revolutions around the earth, for about three hours, and watching the beauty of the Earth go by."

The 51-year old played college football himself and is still third on the Tennessee Tech single season tackles list with 143.

[The Tennessean]

-Brendan Maloy

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