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Patrick Kane and Bryce Harper surprise kids with renovated locker rooms

Gatorade Locker Room Reboot: Patrick Kane
Gatorade gives a professional-grade locker room makeover to the St. Jude Knights to promote their Recover Whey Protein Bar

Bryce Harper and Patrick Kane have spent large amounts of their lives in locker rooms, so they understand the pleasures of a well-outfitted clubhouse as well as the pains (and smells) of an old one.

Both players joined Gatorade to surprise teams near Washington and Chicago with locker room renovations, bringing their previously dingy facilities up to pro-caliber.

Kane showed off the new locker room of the St. Jude Knights hockey club in Crestwood, Ill.

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"I didn't grow up playing in the best locker rooms," Kane told Extra Mustard. "The locker room that was remodeled was 40 years old and hadn't been touched. It's pretty different for them to get to walk into a locker room with the logo on the wall."

Harper was at Anacostia High School in D.C. where the baseball team received a new look, and Harper talked to the kids about the importance of using the locker room to build a sense of team spirit.

"I told these kids to have that camaraderie in the locker room. It is something that every great team needs, and if you have that, you will win."

Gatorade Locker Room Reboot: Bryce Harper
Gatorade gives a professional-grade locker room makeover to Anacostia high School to promote their Recover Whey Protein Bar

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We also spoke to Kane about his recent headline-making run in a rec-league hockey game, and he revealed to us that it was not as odd an occurrence as you might think.

"It is funny because I have been playing in that league for the last couple years," the Blackhawks wing said. "It is something I didn't really expect a lot of press, and the next thing you know its all over the internet and Twitter."

Kane said that the five-goal, five-assist night was not even a particularly big night for him, as he usually averages around 8 points in the game.

-Brendan Maloy