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Is Rihanna possibly going to buy Chivas USA?

Is Rihanna possibly going to buy Chivas USA? Photo:

Could pop star Rihanna be looking to buy a team either in the U.S. or England?

Apparently she's thinking about becoming owner of an English Premier League team or an MLS club in Los Angeles -- and also supposedly wants to launch a soccer academy in her home of Barbados. There's no actual reported connection of her to Chivas USA, but the franchise is in Los Angeles and is looking for an owner, so it's not entirely far fetched. 

If it turns out the rumor is not totally bogus and she does end up owning a team  -- in England or the great U.S of A -- it's got to then beg the question: when's the last time a club owner flashed a stadium of fans?

[h/t The Goat Parade]

- Marc Weinreich   

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