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Texans cheerleaders 'trying to be good teammates' like Arian Foster

The Texans' organization is all for one and one for all.

So if Arian Foster is trying his darndest to be the best teammate he can be, well then the team's cheerleaders are sure as hell gonna do the same.

Foster gave an ... interesting ... interview a couple weeks ago, in which he said 11 times in about 90 seconds that he was just trying to be the best teammate he can be responding to different questions from reporters.

And then the Texans' cheerleaders had their chance in front of the mic.

Q: "Looks like your pom-poms are shinier than they were last year, what's different?"

A: "Yeah, I mean I'm just out here doing my thing, trying to a good teammate."

Q: "Do you feel like you're in good enough condition to dance Week 1?"

A: "Yeah, I'm just out here trying to be a good teammate."

The questions ranged from cereal to colored contacts, but the girls maintained their stance — just trying to be good teammates.

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- Chris Mascaro

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