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Missouri football's Instagram account posts Derulo-esque 'Wiggle' video

Missouri football's Instagram account posts Derulo-esque 'Wiggle' video Photo: Missouri Football Instagram

Jason Derulo's hit song 'Wiggle' is about a woman's "big fat butt." It features Snoop Dogg, and is a recorder-heavy, club-ready and totally infectious song.

Count the Mizzou Tigers among the afflicted. The football team's Instagram account posted video of a number of the spandex-clad players breaking out in the song's signature dance move, which we can only describe as a mutated form of twerking while Derulo's song blasts in the background.

The fog lends a creepy, unsettling vibe to the action, but that doesn't stop the captivated, off-camera audience from cheering them on before they break toward the end zone, apparently done with their booty-shaking drills for the day.

- Will Green

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