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Angels beyond the outfield: J.B. Shuck goes over the wall to rob Jose Bautista

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We’ve seen what Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos can do in the Angels’ outfield -- just ask J.J. Hardy -- but apparently robbing home runs is a skill for which techniques are imparted in a team manual, or so it would seem based on the work of leftfielder J.B. Shuck on Friday night.

In the fourth inning, Toronto’s Jose Bautista hit a fly to left that seemed destined to be a two-run homer until Shuck, who was waiting for the ball on the warning track, perfectly timed his leap to steal the ball from a fan and a dinger from Bautista as he crashed into the first row. (The fan didn’t seem to mind, given his aid in helping Shuck up off the ground and his hand-raising celebration.)

The advanced defensive metrics allege that Shuck, a 26-year-old who debuted for the Astros in 2011, is a below-average leftfielder, but he at least proved that he has a knack for the sensational.

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GIF via Larry Brown Sports
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