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Watch: Wainwright lets pop-up drop, Beltran bails him out by robbing Ortiz of grand slam

As if Adam Wainwright's three-run, 31-pitch first inning wasn't bad enough, he let the leadoff runner reach base in the second via a mental error that opened the door to another big inning.

It started when Stephen Drew hit a high popup that Wainwright called for and then acted as though he would let Yadier Molina take it anyway. Here's the GIF via @sbnation:

Things went from bad to worse for the Cardinals. David Ross followed with a single just over second baseman Matt Carpenter, and one out later, shortstop Pete Kozma made his second error of the game, this on a Shane Victorino grounder in the hole, to load the bases for the second inning in a row. Dustin Pedroia's grounder squirted past David Freese to plate Drew, and then David Ortiz hit a drive that went over the rightfield wall...

...except that Carlos Beltran brought it back, saving a grand slam but allowing Ross to score from third on the sacrifice fly, running the score to 5-0. Beltran, though, was banged up enough to have to leave the game one inning later.
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