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Watch: Rays manager Joe Maddon riffs on Allen Iverson's 'Practice' rant

Joe Maddon educates Yunel Escobar on the importance of practice. (Steven Senne/AP) Joe Maddon educates Yunel Escobar on the importance of practice. (Steven Senne/AP)

It's March 5, which means there are still 26 days until Opening Day, which means there are still three weeks left of Spring Training, which means that everyone in Florida and Arizona is already looking for ways to kill time. Enter Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon, who decided to liven up his Wednesday and simultaneously pay tribute to former Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson by delivering a version of Iverson's famous "Practice" rant.

[mlbvideo id="31438151" width="600" height="336" /]

And, because there's now an excuse to link to it, here's the Iverson original.


Maddon gets points for accuracy (well, aside from the headgear), but his attempt is definitely lacking the energy and surreal silliness of Iverson's.

It's actually been a pretty busy Wednesday for Tampa's skipper. Along with his Iverson imitation, Maddon also decided to spruce up the Rays' clubhouse in Florida with ... a bread-maker.


To be fair, this kind of thing is nothing new for Maddon, who's previously brought in such crazy clubhouse additions as a penguin, a merengue band, and Luke Scott.
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