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Brad Penny gets released by Royals after reportedly punching a wall

Brad Penny, who was a Royal for roughly two weeks, give or take. (Tony Gutierrez/AP) Brad Penny, who was a Royal for roughly two weeks, give or take. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Earlier Friday, the Kansas City Royals announced they had released veteran starter Brad Penny, who had come to spring training on a minor league deal. By all accounts, the decision wasn't a hard one for Kansas City, since Penny would have had to leapfrog a lot of pitchers to get on the 25-man roster.



The 35-year-old Penny didn't pitch in 2013 and hasn't been an effective starter since 2010 with St. Louis due to problems with his shoulder, so his release doesn't come as a surprise. As far as personnel moves in March go, this one seems pretty cut and dry.

Except for the part where Penny apparently hastened his exit by getting physical with a wall.



Penny isn't the first guy to take out his frustrations on something that is solid and immovable—insert Kevin Brown joke here—but it certainly doesn't seem like the wisest course of action for someone who needs quite literally everything to go right for him in order to make a major league team to get into a battle of fisticuffs with a wall, even if he did use his non-throwing hand.

For his part, Penny denied that he went 12 rounds with some cinderblocks (or perhaps it was drywall). But don't feel too bad for him: The Royals may have released him, but a Brad Penny always turns up.
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