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Watch: Baby in arms? No problem as fan makes one-handed catch of Tulowitzki's HR

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Troy Tulowitzki is having a wonderful season, and in the Rockies' 8-7 win in San Francisco on Sunday he hit a Father's Day home run for his very young son, Taz. It was, however, what happened once Tulowitzki's NL-high 18th homer  came down that was truly impressive.

Take a close look at the video above, and keep your eye on the portal in left field at AT&T Park where Tulo's shot lands. There, despite what your Facebook page told you on Sunday, you will find what might actually be the world's No. 1 dad, as his T-shirt proclaims.

For one thing, he has taken proper skin protection precautions and dressed his child, whom he holds in his right arm, in a brimmed hat for a sunny afternoon at the ballpark. Then there's this: While Tulo's ball rockets toward his child -- and it was clearly hit hard as it traveled some 393 feet -- the guy nonchalantly reaches up in the air with his left hand (is he even a southpaw?) and plucks it out of the air. After taking a single step back, he calmly continues on toward his seat with the neutralized threat safely tucked in his palm.

Keep wearing that t-shirt, sir. You've earned it.

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