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He’s an iconic Packer who won five NFL championships and was named to the NFL’s 50th Anniversary Team, which featured all Hall-of-Famers except for him. So what’s keeping Jerry Kramer out of Canton?
It wasn’t anything Dan Quinn did or didn’t do. The fact that the Falcons’ young, speed-based defense was on the field for the equivalent of a game-and-a-half, against the greatest QB of all time, is what led to the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history
* Not counting quarterbacks—and ignoring the frantic end-of-game rush to lean on stats—here are the Patriots and Falcons players who could have the biggest impact in Super Bowl 51
Fifteen years after slowing the Greatest Show on Turf and ascending to genius status, the Patriots coach faces another historically great offense in the Super Bowl. This time around, he’ll try to slow the Falcons with a different brand of defense