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Cheerleader of the Week: University of Hartford's Kelly

Name: Kelly MeierhoferHometown: Wayne, N.J. School: University of HartfordYear: SeniorMajor: Marketing & Public Relations

Here is a photo gallery of Kelly in action, and here is SI.com's Cheerleader of the Week archive.

I love my school, but I almost went to: Fordham University -- but I am so happy that I came to Hartford!

My best physical feature is: I think my strawberry blonde hair and my smile.

If I had to watch one movie on loop forever, it would be: I love Dirty Dancing and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory -- oldies but classics.

If you looked at the "most played" songs on my iPod, you'd see a lot of: Lately I have been listening to the new Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Rascal Flatts and R&B.

My worst habit is: I have a tendency to pull out my eyebrows when they start to grow back in. Crazy, I know.

My gameday superstitions are: I always re-tie my sneakers super tight and the laces have to be tucked into my shoes.

I'd love to trade places for a day with: Lauren Conrad from The Hills.

The talent I'd most like to have that I don't possess is: Definitely singing! I get the chills when I hear someone sing.

These three things top my bucket list: Skydive, travel to New Zealand, and have a large family.

I'd want my last meal to be: I absolutely would want it to be pasta with meatballs, chicken cutlets and chocolate ice cream.

The most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me during a game is: I was tumbling during our Midnight Mania and didn't quite rotate enough and landed on my head in front of lots of people!

Three things I'd take to a desert island are: Chapstick, sunscreen and my family.

My favorite sport and professional sports teams are: Hartford Hawks basketball! I love football, the New York Jets and Giants are my favorites.

My one guilty pleasure is: Anything chocolate.

My celebrity crush is: Matthew McConaughey.

Five people I'd like to have dinner with (living or dead) are: President Obama, Oprah, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston and my mom, because she would love to meet them all!

My friends would be surprised to know that I: Love Michael Jackson music!

The next risk I want to take is: Starting in the real world, moving on from college, even though I wish I could stay forever!

The reality show I'd do best on is: The Amazing Race with my mom!

The worst date I've ever been on was: I haven't really had one horrible date yet, knock on wood!"

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