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Anderson, Carcillo lead Sunday's three stars

1. Craig Anderson: One of the surprises of the NHL season, Anderson made 50 saves in his stirring Sunday night shutout, and he proved a modern playoff adage: stop enough shots against San Jose and eventually the Sharks will find a way to blow the game. The Avalanche were outshot 42-8 after the first period. San Jose had the game's last four power plays. None of that mattered, Anderson was there. Said the exhausted goalie after the game: "We'll enjoy this one tonight."

2. Daniel Carcillo: Good, and ornery. A few weeks ago, Carcillo drew a two-game suspension for cross-checking the Devils' DavidClarkson in the face. The Flyers winger was giving New Jersey headaches again on Sunday, setting up MikeRichards for Philly's second goal and then converting a Richards' feed for the overtime game-winner. Carcillo has got some serious edge and has always had a tasty skill-set for a tough guy. The Devils can tell you all about it.

3. Sidney Crosby: Another game, another round of highlights. Crosby's bold East-West journey through the heavily trafficked area in front of the Senators net culminated in a swift shot to beat BrianElliott and give the Penguins a 3-1 lead late in the second period. In the third. Sidney helped get BillGuerin the puck ahead of the Ottawa defense leading to Guerin's game-sealing goal. That's three straight multi-point playoff games for Crosby, who is also doing all the little things -- clogging a passing lane here, knocking the puck off a Senator stick there -- that are NOT making it to the highlight reel.

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