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U.S. 3, France 1: U.S. headed to final

The thrill of Sunday's comeback against Brazil has barely died down; fans have watched and re-watched the clip of that 123rd minute equalizing goal so many times that you could blindfold them and roll them down a hill in a barrel and they would still be able to show you the precise trajectory of the ball from Megan Rapinoe's boot to Abby Wambach's head with a swish of their arm. It'll go down in women's soccer history, but now the U.S. has to move on and deal with France -- a semifinal debutante but arguably one of the most consistent and dangerous performers in Germany.

Ahead of the game, you can read a preview of both semifinals here, but be back here from 11.30 a.m. ET, Wednesday for live updates on the match.


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