SI Players Poll

SI Players Poll
[Based on a survey of 271 NBA players]
Who is the best dunker in the NBA?

John Biever/SI
LeBron James, Cavs SF.....30%
Vince Carter, Nets G/F.....29%
Josh Smith, Hawks G/F.....20%
Dwight Howard, Magic F/C.....7%
Amare Stoudemire, Suns F/C.....3%
Shaquille O'Neal, Heat C.....2%
Jason Richardson, Warriors G/F.....2%
Gerald Green, Celtics F.....1%
Nate Robinson, Knicks G.....1%
Andre Iguodala, 76ers G/F.....1%
FAST FACTS: Suns center Amaré Stoudemire finished fifth (3.1%).... Celtics forward Gerald Green, the 2007 slam dunk contest champ (and SI PLAYERS diarist), tied for eighth with '06 winner Nate Robinson (1.1%).... Carter and Smith are also past dunk contest winners; James has never accepted an invitation to participate in the contest.... Howard leads the NBA in dunks this season (249). Stoudemire ranks second (177).

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