Point Forward

Video: John Lucas III weaves his way to a buzzer-beater

By Rob Mahoney

The NBA preseason may not have the substance to elevate individual performances nor the implication necessary to produce meaningful games, but it's hardly short on highlights. The combination of underwhelming defensive execution and borderline players with something to prove tends to generate some truly spectacular plays, including this one from Toronto's John Lucas III (via PBT):


It's just the preseason, but let's pause for a moment to appreciate what a fantastic play Lucas made here. After catching the ball on the opposite baseline with just 4.8 seconds left in the frame, Lucas ran past one defender, snuck past a second, pump-faked a third and somehow threaded a leaning, double-clutched attempt through two opponents, both of whom were in a position to block his shot. That this sequence came in an exhibition game is surely secondary to its outright ridiculousness.

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