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In Focus: Phil Jackson

Jackson on the beach in Santa Monica in 1999. (Walter Iooss Jr./SI)

By Andy Gray

Poor Phil Jackson. He went to bed on Sunday thinking the Lakers' coaching job was his but woke up to a midnight phone call from Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss telling him the franchise was choosing Mike D'Antoni instead. Whether you like Jackson or not, it's hard to argue that the man is a great photography subject. Here's a look back at some of Sports Illustrated's more memorable Phil Jackson photo shoots.

[GALLERY: Rare Photos of Phil Jackson]

Jackson and his parakeets in 1991. (Peter Read Miller/SI)


Jackson and then-wife June go for a walk during a 1991 SI photo shoot. (Peter Read Miller/SI)


Jackson and his goofy hat in 1991. (Peter Read Miller/SI)


Jackson looks into his crystal ball, where he sees a happy Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. (Walter Iooss Jr./SI)


Jackson gets ready for his pregame meal before a 2002 game. (Walter Iooss Jr./SI)


Jackson and girlfriend Jeanie Buss pose in 2002. (Walter Iooss Jr./SI)


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