Point Forward

Video: Grizzlies' Gasol puts Thunder's Perkins in the torture chamber


By Rob Mahoney

Fundamentally sound post play doesn't tend to animate crowds in the same way that a dunk or a three-pointer might, but on select occasions an interior defender is so thoroughly dominated by a post player's technique that fans everywhere can revel fully in the moment. That was the case on Wednesday night, when Marc Gasol embarrassed Kendrick Perkins from the left block and managed to create a short, uncontested jumper out of thin air.

One might be tempted to call this a "textbook" post-up sequence, but even the formal texts aren't armed with such rich contingencies. Gasol was able to get Perkins completely tied up before he ever put his back to the basket, in part because of a tight, controlled crossover that rocked Perkins off balance. From there, Gasol first moved toward the middle of the lane (as all post players should), countered baseline as he shed Perkins and tossed the ball through the hoop with ease. Fine, fine work from a true low-post savant.