Point Forward

Video: Glen Davis defends Gerald Wallace's layup with a big ol' hug


By Rob Mahoney

The sight of Brooklyn's Gerald Wallace -- who is perhaps the most concussion-prone player the league has ever seen -- and Orlando's Glen Davis -- a 290-pound big man who lacks for body control -- hurtling toward one another is unsettling. One flinches in preparation of the hit that's sure to come, with the hope that Wallace isn't in too vulnerable a position or that Davis isn't careless with his contact.

But Davis, kind soul that he is, conceded defeat once Wallace had beaten him to the hoop in the play above from Monday's game. He extends his arms as if he were taking a foul, but instead engages in that most unconventional of at-the-rim defensive maneuvers: the bear hug. We can't say that it worked out all that effectively as a tactic, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great basketball play. Three cheers for safety!