Point Forward

Video: Andre Miller sets up JaVale McGee with another long-range lob

By Rob Mahoney

With no peer in the lob-throwing game, Andre Miller has been forced to compete against himself.

We've seen him feed teammates for dunks from ridiculous angles and distances, but on Wednesday night Miller pushed the envelope just a tiny bit further in delivering a lob to JaVale McGee from the hash mark on the opposite end of the court -- just a half-stride further than his distant alley-oop feed to Kenneth Faried earlier this season. The play is so quick and so unexpected that the camera nearly misses the finish entirely, as Miller throws the lob at a walk in a situation where every other point guard on the planet would simply bring the ball up court and initiate the offense.

As awesome as Miller's feed is, let's not gloss over McGee's Dwight Howard-style fling toward the rim. Stodgy basketball lexicographers may claim that McGee's finish isn't technically a dunk, but I'm having nothing of it; contact with the rim may be a characteristic of a dunk, but I refuse to subscribe to a line of thinking that makes it the defining characteristic of one. Let's draw the line somewhere a bit more sensible, and fully enjoy McGee's long-armed finish for what it truly is.

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