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Watch: Alternate angle showcases the astounding difficulty of Chris Paul game-winner

Creating and scoring against the Grizzlies' set defense is a feat in itself. But to do so with the game on the line -- with Memphis' lineup optimized and defenders at their most tenacious -- must register as one of the taller orders in the league. With the score tied in the closing seconds of Game 2 on Tuesday, the Clippers' Chris Paul was charged with doing just that.

By this point, we all know the result. Paul chiseled out the slightest bit of room for a tough drive toward the right side of the floor, picked up his dribble with a little more than a second remaining and made a runner off the glass to give the Clippers a 93-91 victory and a 2-0 series lead. But the above clip does a fantastic job of illustrating the impossibility of that shot.

JENKINS: Paul delivers for Clippers

By the time Paul actually releases the ball, he's sandwiched between the outstretched arms of Tony Allen -- who has shaded him step-for-step -- and Darrell Arthur, a placement that would seem to swallow up any angle that Paul might have otherwise created. He somehow maintains his balance, weaves into an open trajectory and lets his floater rip with some slight contact on his shooting wrist. That's not merely a clutch shot, but a patently absurd one.

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