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Michael Jordan dismisses 1-on-1 challenge from Grizzlies owner as 'comical'

(Charlotte Observer & Joe Murphy/Getty Images) Michael Jordan (left) has no plans to play Robert Pera (right) in one-on-one. (Charlotte Observer & Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

NBA legend Michael Jordan has brushed off a challenge for a million-dollar game of one-on-one for charity made by Grizzlies owner Robert Pera.

The 50-year-old owner of the Bobcats told the Charlotte Observer that he wouldn't even consider such a contest.

“I think that’s comical,’’ Jordan told the paper. “It didn’t make any sense. Why would I play one one-on-one? It’s a no-win situation for me no matter what.”

Pera, 35, floated the possibility of a face-off against the Greatest Of All Time in a Twitter posting on Monday, after previously claiming that he would "make quick work" of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban if the two went mano-a-mano on the court.

"If we are talking an owner game, get me MJ! I'll up the charity contribution to $1 [million]," Pera wrote.

On Wednesday, Pera laughed off Jordan's brush-off, joking that people have been calling him comical since "around $4 billion dollars ago when my only friends were Visa and MasterCard."

The one-on-one topic first came up as Pera was expected to face Memphis guard Tony Allen in a one-on-one game for charity in September, but the event was postponed.

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Earlier this week, Pera, who made his fortune as founder of Ubiquiti Networks, a technology company, posted a video of himself going through a shooting workout. The baby-faced billionaire can be seen wearing a shooting sleeve on his off arm and black tights as he knocks down a series of jumpers and lay-ups off the dribble.

ESPN.com reported that Grizzlies center Marc Gasol and guard Mike Conley were both siding with Jordan over Pera in the hypothetical one-on-one match-up.

"I don't think he has a chance, but [Pera is] a competitor, that's for sure," Gasol said.

Conley added: "I love Pera, but I don't think he could beat Mike."

This story should probably end with Pera paying full fare to attend Michael Jordan Flight School next summer, only to get treated like a teenaged O.J. Mayo.

Video via YouTube user Flicker Flacker
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