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Video: Norris Cole floors Derrick Rose with a crossover

Derrick Rose's long-awaited return to the NBA court was a bit rough around the edges, hindered by desperate shot selection (Rose attempted seven three-pointers) and the general inconvenience of playing against the Heat. In the second quarter, too, came this moment of embarrassment: In defending Norris Cole in the left corner, Rose bit hard on a crossover and then tripped on the foot of a screening Chris Andersen -- thus allowing Miami's reserve guard an uncontested look at a mid-range jumper. Cole may not be a knock-down shooter, but he could hardly have been more unbothered or in-rhythm. Rose had no recourse save to regain his footing as the ball splashed through the net, with the Heat bench exploding not five feet away from him.

All of which is of little consequence relative to what really matters here: Rose is playing actual NBA basketball again, and despite forcing shots and getting upstaged by one of the NBA's lesser rotation players, he seems to be moving well and feeling his way back. It was a rough re-entry, but that Rose is around to get crossed up is a prize in itself.

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