Point Forward

Video: Kevin Garnett can't hear your criticism

One can imagine that Kevin Garnett, in the midst of the worst season of his career for a Nets team that is 3-10 on the year, is getting plenty of use out of his noise-canceling headphones. In this commercial for Beats by Dre, Garnett uses his headphones to silence a horde of particularly vitriolic haters. Never mind the fact that the criticism of Garnett wasn't remotely so severe going into the season; what was understandable doubt surrounding a 37-year-old player who had a lost a step or so over the past few seasons is narrativized here into pure, egg-throwing rage.

Still, the theme of the commercial has become oddly topical in light of Brooklyn's crummy start, culminating in the Nets being booed on their home floor on Sunday during a 109-97 loss to the Pistons. Those headphones may not be of use in drowning out the sound of his own home crowd's disapproval, but apparently they block out some of the conjured criticism that now seems so pertinent.