Jerry Jones optimistic about NFL team in Los Angeles

Jerry Jones optimistic about NFL team in Los Angeles Photo:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a supporter of having an NFL franchise in Los Angeles, and thinks there are several plausible financial structures that could allow for the league-owned stadium the NFL is considering, reports the Los Angeles Times

Jones called moving an NFL team to L.A. "an exciting challenge" in terms of getting a fan base energized, but added that Los Angeles is one of the NFL's "potentially greatest markets."

"I'd say within the next year we will have proof that there will be a team or teams here within the next five years," said Jones, according to the Times

One of the revenue sources that the NFL is reportedly looking into that could potentially finance an NFL-owned stadium in L.A. is the introduction of personal seat licenses for Super Bowls

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The NFL is currently deciding between Los Angeles and Chicago as the host city for the 2015 NFL draft.

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