Andrew Luck possibly down on pick-6 vs. Titans

For all the positive things Andrew Luck has done this season in leading the Colts into playoff position, he has been mistake-prone at times. To wit: A brutal pick-6 thrown in the first half of Sunday's game against Tennessee, in which Luck tried to fire a pass as he was being tackled from behind and, instead, dropped one right into the arms of Tennessee's Will Witherspoon.

The play (video here) was ruled a touchdown on the field, then automatically reviewed per NFL rules.

The issue in question: Was Luck down before he threw the pass?


And here's a zoomed-in shot:

Colts 2

Luck's knee -- and possibly both knees -- appeared to be down prior to the ball leaving his hands. However, the call stood after the replay review, giving Witherspoon a TD.

FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira weighed in on the call via Twitter:

Even if the call was incorrect, Luck made an absolutely horrible decision on the play. He had a receiver cutting across the field about 15 or 20 yards downfield, but the much safer play there would have been to take the sack.

Luck entered Sunday with 16 interceptions on the season (compared to 17 touchdowns). With this miscue plus a Hail Mary INT at the end of the first half, his total rose to 18.