David Wilson celebrates TD with double backflip, then leaves game (neck)

The rushing touchdown was David Wilson's first of the season. The rushing touchdown was David Wilson's first of the season. (Kathy Willens/AP)

The New York Giants are 0-4 and have played like a hot mess all season, but they're still spirited. When running back David Wilson scored a five-yard rushing touchdown with 11:44 left in the first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles, Wilson went all Gerald Willhite and executed the rare end zone double backflip. (GIF here via Buzzfeed.)

[si-nfl-player id="d64b0ea2cfb944e9a89ecf221f7ddb5f"]

"The first quarter [of the season] is behind us," Wilson said on Thursday. "We’re going into the next three quarters and are trying to put out a better product and the main thing is to be consistent and not be consistently bad, but be consistently good and do the positive things to help move the ball down the field and give our defense a break and score points. That’s how you win games."

Of course, this is the 2013 Giants, so such happiness could not stand. Wilson later suffered a neck injury that knocked him out of the game.

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