Jaguars score first touchdown at home this season ... in Week 11

A very wide-open Danny Noble scores Jacksonville's first home touchdown of the season. A very wide-open Danny Noble scores Jacksonville's first home touchdown of the season.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Jacksonville Jaguars have officially gone from pathetic to pesky. One week after they logged their first win in what many assumed would be an o-16 season by beating the Tennessee Titans 29-27, the Jags went up 7-0 on the Arizona Cardinals at home with a neat little trick play.

On 4th-and-1 from his own 38-yard line, quarterback Chad Henne took the snap in an I-formation set, and the Cards responded by putting all 11 of their defenders at or near the line of scrimmage. At the snap, fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou ran out to the left on a wheel route, while halfback Maurice Jones-Drew laid a crushing block on linebacker Karlos Dansby to set the right edge, giving Henne the time he needed to throw to receiver Danny Noble at the 50-yard line. There was no coverage in place, so Noble was able to run without any opposition for about 40 yards. Cornerback Patrick Peterson caught up to him, but Noble shook the tackle and rumbled into the end zone.

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It was the Jaguars' first touchdown scored at home this season. They had scored a grand total of 11 points in their previous four games at EverBank Field, and it didn't take long for the floodgates to open. A team that had averaged 13 ponts per game to date put up their second touchdown of the day on their next drive, when Jones-Drew ran it in from one yard out.
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