Kevin Costner says NFL nixed Draft Day scene of fans hanging him in effigy

Kevin Costner: NFL nixed Draft Day scene of fans hanging him in effigy In a rare move, the NFL permitted the movie Draft Day to use team names and logos. (Courtesy of Lionsgate Films)

The NFL has been cracking down on fan behavior in the past few years, so it makes sense for it to also be sensitive of how NFL fans are portrayed in the media. The latest example of that sensitivity? Their treatment of the upcoming film Draft Day.

The league allowed the Kevin Costner-led film to use team names and logos, a rare move from the image-protective NFL. But, according to Costner, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the league didn't approve of a scene in which fans hang Costner's character in effigy, which led to the scene being cut from the film.

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“I thought it was a real funny moment, but I think the NFL’s really cracking down on fan behavior both inside the stadium and outside,” Costner said.

“The idea of hanging somebody, for as funny as I thought it was, and as realistic as I thought it was, it was just an image that I didn’t want in the movie. That was a small price for us to pay, but it shows that they were watching very closely.”
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